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  5. "János telefonokat hall kint."

"János telefonokat hall kint."

Translation:János hears telephones outside.

July 10, 2016



This sentence doesn't make much sense.


By the standard of the course this one is pretty straightforward. He could be hearing other peoples cell phones, calls coming in to abandoned pay phones or perhaps he just has auditory hallucinations. ;)


Hearing ringing would make more sense. Or hearing a phone. Better yet, "the phone." But "telephones"? Awkward and very un-Hungarian-sounding. Absolutely zero hits for "telefonokat hall" in Google, unless you count this sentence from Duolingo. Pretty terrible-sounding in English too. And why not "from outside"?


Grammaticaly it is correct but we don't use this expression in Hungarian. "János hears telephonering from outside" would be better... "János telefoncsörgést hall kintről"

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