"I don't like jeans."

Translation:אני לא אוהב ג'ינסים.

July 10, 2016

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what is the difference between jeans and jeansim - i always seem to get it wrong. when to use the singular and when the plural


When I speak about jeans in general but the trousers, not the fabric, that's when I would use ג'ינסים. When speaking about the fabric, I would say ג'ינס, when speaking about a pair of trousers I would either call it ג'ינס or מכנסי ג'ינס.


So ג'ינסים for the jeans we wear, ג'ינס for the general use of all denim? (So it the latter used less frequently?)


Again, there's no way to say there is a problem other than the default ones given. This does not accept אוהבת. So, I guess you have to be male?


I don't have a geresh on my keyboard, so I wasn't able to add it and my spelling was marked "almost correct"... What can I do? I'm using Windows 7.


I use the single quotation mark.


How? It doesn't work from the Hebrew keyboard, and DL doesn't accept it when you use the W key?


Not accepting אוהבת yet.


The key corresponding to the English "w" provides a single quote. This does not seem to match the single quote expected by duolingo. Is there some other better character to use?


On my Hebrew Keyboard, the geresh to give the English "j" sound to the gimmel is made by using the "w" key after the "d" key for the gimmel, thus ג׳ינס

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