"Gaeth hi ei harestio."

Translation:She was arrested.

July 10, 2016

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Why is it "harestio" in this sentence but "gaeth Owen ei Arestio" in the previous lesson? Is it the "ei" or the "hi" which is causing the mutation?


ei as a feminine possessive (her ...) causes an aspirate mutation of words beginning p-, t-, c- and an aspiration (adding h-, called anadliad caled or 'hard breath') at the start of words beginning with vowels.

This is explained in the notes for this section of the course.


arna i' mae'r bai - forgot about the "ei" masc and fem differentiation. (I read the notes but can't always remember everything that's in them while doing the lesson. Trying to go back later & copy them - if I do this first, the lesson doesn't get done)


Knew it was Sioned all along!

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