"I am a member of parliament."

Translation:Jestem posłem.

July 10, 2016

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członiem sejmu - czemu nie mogę być


Apart from the typo - I really don't know if people say that... "Member of the Parliament" = Poseł/Posłanka


ale skoro można być członkiem parlamentu to na tej samej zasadzie można być członkiem sejmu - tak podpowiada mi logika


Jestem członkiem Seimu – to była moja pierwsza myśl


"Sejmu", with a 'j'.

Well, technically there's nothing in the English sentence mentioning Polish "Sejm", it's a very general sentence.


Why cant i put parlament after poslanka? Looks bs to me


Jestem parlamentarzystą, a jestem posłem to to samo


Trochę tak, a trochę nie, bo posłowie są u nas w Sejmie, a "parlamentarzysta" może określać zarówno posła jak i senatora.

Ale przy angielskim "member of parliament" to w sumie dobre tłumaczenie. Dodałem.


Actually, in the parliament we have "posłów" and "senatorów". The answer that is considered as correct "jestem posłanką" is not a good translation for "i am a member of parliament" as this sentence does not indicate if it is senat or sejm.


I think that you have to distinguish between the nation-state you are talkinga bout. What you mentioned would fit more to nations like India and the US, i.e. bicameral governments, where you can have Representatives (Posły) and Senators. (Senatory) But for example Germany, where I am from, we only speak of Members of Parliament. (MPs) Senators are only found in “City-States”, i.e. Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin. Their federal-state governments are called Senates, and so, the members are called Senators. But they are not part of the federal government, i.e. the »Bundestag«. Hence, your explanation does not fit.


"posły" and "senatory" sounds like grammar from 200 years ago ;) It's "posłowie" and "senatorowie" nowadays.

The Polish parliament also has two houses, so I'd say that I agree with Maja. However, I'm not sure what better translation to use. "a member of the Sejm"? That just includes a Polish word that the learners don't know and we don't even teach this word...

But it's true that the current translation is definitely a simplification.


Oh, so it's the same paradigm as with syn? I did not think of this option, damn. :D

How are those chambers named, then? I have not come across them (consciously), even in the news. All the time I only hear about the Sejm, or maybe this only directs towards the building, just as I also understood the Russian Duma too. Most of the time, if I want to avoid names like Member of Parliament/Senate/House/etc. or apparent abbreviations, I just call them either Representatives, Senators or Officials, the latter the most general term I could think of.


It's Sejm and Senat. Most of the discussions are about Sejm, they have a lot more media presence ;)


And a pretty active YouTube channel, so yeah, I think I just didn't dig deep enough to also recognise the less medially present Senat. Thanks for clarifying! :-)


Jestem posłem do parlamentu.?


OK, added.

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