"Wasz wujek robi kawę."

Translation:Your uncle is making coffee.

July 10, 2016

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Why not "Your uncle makes coffee"?


Why is "your uncle is making a coffee" wrong?


Coffee is generally uncountable, but we can interpret "a coffee" as "a cup of coffee" and this makes sense. Added.


If i asked my Polish friend "czy naprawiasz kawę?" would they laugh or be insulated? I think I will stick with robisz just in case ; )


Naprawiać literally means making repairs on sth., not as with the colloquial usage of "fix".


Insulated against laughter? Lol, "insulted"?


Does anyone else listen "krobi" instead "robi"?


Well, surely not "wujek krobi", if that's what you meant.

The male voice may make it a bit like "wuje krobi", but if I wasn't trying to hear some problem, I probably wouldn't notice it.


sometimes the recordings have the letter at the end of a word merging with the letter at the start of the following word.(and especially if the word is tego) This example sounds like "Wasz wujek krobi kawe" (The nearest word I could think of was kroic, to cut but "Your uncle is cutting coffee" sounded odd!) . I gather,then, in Polish occasionally one word merges into the following one without a break?


I don't think it's stronger than in other languages I know, it's not something that I would notice, but I guess I see your point, it may sound more like "wuje krobi". But the brain of a native (who knows the words) simply makes most sense of it.

Hmmm, I see someone else asked about the same a few months ago... interesting.

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