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  5. "Wasz wujek robi kawę."

"Wasz wujek robi kawę."

Translation:Your uncle is making coffee.

July 10, 2016



'Your uncle is fixing coffee' should work!


Well, I will go with our English expert's gut and she claims that it doesn't work...


It is an American usage, and fairly common. This discussion list TV usage, for example. https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/fix-breakfast-dinner-meal.2441925/


Well, her argument was that while it sounds perfectly fine with breakfast, dinner or even soup, she has never heard it with beverages, apart from 'fix someone a drink'... And this link seems to only mention meals.

I've spent almost two years dealing with this forum and I don't remember anyone before you suggesting "fix" in such sentences, even those with breakfast or dinner.


If i asked my Polish friend "czy naprawiasz kawę?" would they laugh or be insulated? I think I will stick with robisz just in case ; )


Naprawiać literally means making repairs on sth., not as with the colloquial usage of "fix".


Why is "your uncle is making a coffee" wrong?

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