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"The young kindergarten teacher is waiting."

Translation:A fiatal óvónő vár.

July 10, 2016



Is there a term for a male kindergarten teacher? Dictionaries seem to indicate, that óvó is not that.

For comparison, Polish has the word przedszkolanka, which has no one-word male equivalent.


Óvóbácsi. :) But here, you could hardly ever see any.


And the gender-neutral term is óvodapedagógus, but it's rarely, if ever used in colloquial conversation. :D


I used óvodapedagógus in my answer....duolingo no likey. Seems like a mistake on their part.


Since the verb "is waiting" in this sentence type is intransitive - that is, it stands without a specified object as to whom she is waiting for - the translation "várakozik" would be more appropriate than "vár" - or at least should be another correct translation.

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