"Ti sem vagytok fiatalok."

Translation:You are not young, either.

July 10, 2016

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could this be read as "you're not even young"..


No, because sem here negates ti. Somebody isn't young and you aren't young either.


and how would one express that "not even" in hungarian?


It would be best to translate it as "még (csak) ... sem"

  • "You're not even young." = "Még csak fiatalok sem vagytok."
  • "Not even you are young." = "Még ti sem vagytok fiatalok."
  • "He didn't even say goodbye." = "Még csak el sem köszönt."
  • "Not even I knew that." = "Még én sem tudtam."
  • "I don't even have an apple." = "Még (csak) egy almám sincs."

I'm not sure if you want any deeper explanation, tell me if you do.


"ok hand sign emoji" (the symbol from my mobile doesn't show for some reason...)


Hm, what does that mean? "Okay, this was enough" or "okay, tell me more"? :D


Can anyone please explain the word order that is present here? I'm very curious and I can't understand why does it have to be "… vagytok fiatalok" instead of "… fiatalok vagytok". Thank you!


Where is the "not" part or is it assumed whenever "sem" is involved? Should the sentence read: "Ti sem vagytok nem fiatalok."


When you use 'sem', 'nem' is not used.


That is not always true.

for example: Nem látok senkit sem. I don't see anybody.


Would "neither are you young" work here?


Can we say: "ti sincsenek fiatalok?



Actually, sincsenek works in the third person plural only.
Az autók sincsenek itt. The cars are not here either.
but: Ti sem vagytok itt. You are not here either.

But with .... fiatalok, the third person plural version would be Ők sem fiatalok. (They are not young either)




"you either, are not young". Could I please know why it is wrong? Thanks


Grammatically incorrect English. You would want to use "neither," but then you might say, "neither are you young." If you still want to use "either" you can say, "you are not young either."


Sorry but I won’t agree with you. You are not young either and you either are not young are both grammatically correct. There are some sentences in English where interchanging position don’t really matter.

Finally, if you’ve ever used VMWare or any familiar software. A common error you’ll encounter is « you either are not entitled or do not have permissions to download this product ». Thanks


I'm interested in more information concerning pronunciation:

Can "vagytok" be pronounced using the "-a-i" from Amerikai, i.e. va-i-tok? is it close enough? how can it be distinguished? Where can we read more about it?

kösönöm szépen és jó tanulást !


I wouldnt say that it is close. "gy" is a single sound. When I try to explain, i usually use the pronounciation of "during" (first sounds), even though that is not quite the same, but close enough, and if you try to say it fast, your tongue will get to the "gy".
You could also check https://www.reddit.com/r/hungarian/comments/2yj04s/beginner_help_with_pronouncing_gy/

I guess part of the challenge is that due to the following "t" the "gy" sound can gets muted a bit, even gets close to a "ty".

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