"I jump and I fall."

Translation:Ugrom és esem.

July 10, 2016

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I'm confused over why "Ugrok és esek," isn't the correct answer. What could the definite object be in this sentence?


Let me introduce you to the -ik verbs. This is an archaic rule still in use; you can look at it as a third declination beside the definite and indefinite one. Though, since this declination lost its purpose as the language evolved, it might be easier to consider these to be irregular verbs. Fortunately, only the singular verb endings are different from the usual: -m, -l, -ik.

esni is a traditional, or pure -ik verb, so its declination is as follows:

  • én esem
  • te esel
  • ő esik

ugrik is not a pure -ik verb, the -ik declination in second person isn't necessary:

  • én ugrom
  • te ugrasz / ugrol (in my opinion, the former is used more frequently)
  • ő ugrik

There are also verbs, that, while end in -ik in third person singular, do not follow this pattern, for example:

  • hazudok
  • hazudsz
  • hazudik

Unfortunately, there is no way to know which group an -ik verb belongs to.


THANK YOU!!! Have a lingot!!!


Ugrik and esik are so called "ik" verbs (they end in ik). In this case the ending is different: http://www.hungarianreference.com/Verbs/Conjugation/


It should be correct.


Why not "hullok"? I was taught that "hull" is "he/she falls"

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