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"She is going to fill her hat with apples."

Translation:Elle va remplir son chapeau de pommes.

January 31, 2013



Just before, another exercise asked me to write down this sentence and I typed with "... des pommes" like given above. However, in that exercise, it said it was wrong and the correct answer should have been "de pommes." I'm confused now as to which one is right, "de" or "des". Thanks.


The difference is with the preposition:

  • elle remplit son chapeau DE pommes (remplir DE + noun)
  • elle remplit son chapeau AVEC DES (remplir AVEC + determinant *+ noun).

  • determinant: article, adjective possessive, number...


Right, I failed to notice the "avec" when posting the question. Thanks for pointing that out.


Any difference in connotation between the two forms? Je veux dire, "remplir avec des choses" == "remplir de choses" ?


No difference.

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