"A dog is a pet."

Translation:כלב הוא חיית מחמד.

July 10, 2016

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What exactly is the purpose of the "t" sound at the end of "chayat" here?


Read the tips and notes of Construct class:


"If the nismach is a feminine noun that ends with a "ה", the "ה" is replaced with a "ת":

A cake - עוגה (uga) Chocolate - שוקולד (shokolad) A chocolate cake - עוגת שוקולד (ugat shokolad - literally "cake of chocolate")"


I think it's the equivalent of ة in Arabic which can behave sound like an /a/ or a /t/ and undergoes similar changes.


Wait, how do I browsethis page? Is it a secret link? Are there classes beyond the tips in the exercises?


It links to a tips and notes pages of the "Construct state 1" skill. The link doesn't work anymore, because the post is 5 years old and now you access it in a different way. I am guessing that you don't know about tips and notes page that exists accompanying most skills, which can be accessed on the browser version only by clicking on an individual skill.


kélev hu chayát machmád.


Surely כלב is just as valid as כלבה as the question just says dog, and doesn't specify female dog? But it's marked as a typo if I don't use the female form.


Same question.


Why is it חיית and not חיות?


Because it's singular, since it's one dog.

חיית מחמד - pet (singular)

חיות מחמד - pets (plural)


Why must we use הוא here? X is y Has been so far in Hebrew xy Like משים יפות No need to say משים הן יפות !


When you have "noun is noun" type of sentences, you need copula. Your example was "noun is adjective" and then you don't need copula. Copula needs to agree in gender and number with the first noun. I am sure you meant נשים, right?


Thanks Danny I lost a lot of hearts when i miss היא,הוא,זה they count me mustaken and when I write them they count me mistaken. And I am like grrrrrrr ☺️ So יוסי הוא גבר טל היא אישה בלב זה חיה כלבה זאת חיה And yes i ment נשים, sorry


Yes, copulas can be a pain. כלב הוא חיה and כלבה היא חיה. You still need the הוא and היא in those cases. זה is used mostly for abstract nouns, although colloquially what you wrote is how it's used. Also כלבים הם חיות and פרות הן חיות.


Could we also use:

כלבה היא היית מחמד?


When you talk about dogs in general, masculine is used.

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חיית versus חיות please... What is the difference


Look at my reply to David.

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