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  5. "בירה היא משקה."

"בירה היא משקה."

Translation:Beer is a beverage.

July 10, 2016



do בירה היא השקה and בירה זאת משקה differ a lot in their meaning?


I think בירה היא משקה is the best solution. בירה זאת משקה sounds very unnatural to me, I don't think it should be accepted. (it might be because the gender of בירה and משקה don't agree?)

However, בירה זה משקה is probably OK, colloquially.


בירה זאת משקה is incorrect because זאת refers to the משקה (to the object of the sentence( whjch is a male noun. Therefore, you could say בירה זה משקה.


Is there a reason to choose he/she vs it for the copula or can you always use ze/zot. I find it can be confusing, like I saw lyrics for a song (zman by Eliad):

הפחד הזה אותי לא עוזב הוא מבקר אותי כל יום ,

So is it the fear that's "he" or is it an actual he that's causing the fear? Is this a common confusion?
What about something like "you are the fear", את הפחד How do you know if it's you are the fear vs direct object et? Thanks!


In the sentence from "zman", הוא is not a copula. This is actually two sentences, and in the second one הוא is the subject.


Would בירה זה השקה be incorrect? If so, how do I know when to replaced זה with a gendered pronoun, as obviously there are times when זה is used, and is not gendered to my knowledge.


so we use this ( היא ) when we're talking to women?


It has two uses: as a pronoun (she) and as a copula (is, when the subject is feminine).


When to choose he or she and when to use it for the copula


I assume you're talking about the Hebrew words, היא/הוא vs. זה? Using the English words is confusing, since "it" is not an exact parallel of "זה"...

I think (not sure, this is off-hand) that you can always use היא/הוא/הם/הן; you can also use זה if it is a general thing (beer in general, as in this example), never with a definitie subject (e.g. השולחן, חיפה, אברהם).


Thank you, makes sense! :)


bíra hi mashké.


The pronunciation of this sentence was horrible. Sometimes i think the voices are not real. They do not sound like a real hebrew resident.


It's not terrible. The audio is fine! If you're having trouble hearing it, try using headphones.


Sorry but what i am saying it is a fact and at home we speak and listen to all the time good hebrew.

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