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  5. "מה קורה יוסי?"

"מה קורה יוסי?"

Translation:How are you Yossi?

July 10, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Atleast in slang terms מה קורה is more considered the equivalent of "whats up" in english


    Cute little tidbit:

    When they screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Israel, when Frank says, ‘You see,’ (and later Riff Raff does, too) the audience says, ‘מִי זֶה יוֹסִי?’ mi ze Yosi? ‘Who is Yosi?’


    A punctuation question for anyone more knowledgeable in Hebrew than I: The English sentence needs a comma: “How are you, Yossi?”. I would expect the same in Hebrew: “מה קורה, יוסי?‏”. Are the rules for punctuation different in Hebrew?


    How is this different from "מה שלומך"


    They both have the same meaning as greetings and are very common. If you want to literally translate them:

    • Mah koreh? "מה קורה" means what's happening, as in what's happening in your life.

    • Mah Shlom’cha? "מה שלומך" means what is your well-being

    Check out this link, I think it can be quite helpful for other variations of "How are you?" :



    I thought the question was "what are you reading? " Does "קורה" sound similar to the word "read" ?


    Yes, they do sound the same but are written differently : קורה (happens/happening) and קורא (reads/reading)

    Btw if you want to ask "what are you reading?" it would be "מה אתה קורא?"


    Probably more: "How things *looking for you?"


    The real translate is What's up Yossi


    is there any difference in pronunciation between this and מה קורה? From listening, I thought the sentence meant "What is Yossi reading?"


    Lol why is the unimportant name of the person marked wrong if spelled with one S instead of two?


    And why is it even spelled with two s's? Phonics would say Yossi would be pronounced with a short o.


    Whenever you find vav being used as a mater lectionis it is always a long vowel. Regarding the doubling of the 's', there is no dagesh in the samekh when this word is written in Hebrew with nikkud, nevertheless it always seems to be transliterated this way, so it is reasonable for Duo to expect it. They only treat it as as a typo, not as a mistake.


    How is this different from "How is Yossi"?


    Here you're addressing Yossi directly, you're asking him how he is.


    Well ?? Its not (( what hapend?))


    Sometimes I see the use of this as the english question What happen? Asking for a fact or situation more than a emotional state.


    Again, I am having a conflict between what I have learned previously with your translations. I am thinking that this is more "street" talk than the standard, proper Hebrew. Although, Ulpan had some slang included, this was never on our list. On this phrase, my translator shows "what's going on". Is there a place on Duolingo with explanations for these differences?


    What means קורה exacly?

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