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Why isn't there an option to speak Hungarian?

I grew up speaking both English and Hungarian as a child. I'd like to get better at speaking Hungarian, and would love to have the same microphone features that I have for learning French and Spanish. Will one be added?

July 10, 2016



I think that only the courses developed in-house by Duolingo developers get audio - about a half dozen (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, perhaps one or two more?).

All the ones from the incubator have a different technological basis and never have pronunciation practice, I think, even if they are out of beta: they're just a different platform.


They released it for some of the incubated courses as well (Turkish, Danish, and Swedish have it, I think Dutch and Norwegian do too). I think that the courses must 1) be out of beta, and 2) have readily available speech-to-text.


Glad to be corrected; thank you!


See this 7 days older discussion about the same question.


I think, that once it will be added, but for now we don't have even an audio, that reads you the sentence out loud. So, imho it will be a long process.. :)


Yes, there is audio for most of the text. I've been using it.


there is audio for most of the text.

At the beginning, probably, later not exactly "most".

For languages (like Hungarian) for which Duo can't find a (decent) Text-to-Speech engine, they hire a third-party company to record (=human voice) the audio for some sentences of the course. And "some" has always been, up to now, 3000-4000 sentences for the different courses with no TTS audio.

3000-4000 represent at best around half of the exercises (for "smallest" courses, in terms of number of exercises)


When i was learning it like first or second day after releasing, there was audio only for few words :) I think that they are adding the audio now. So, I think, that the microphone features will come faster, than I thought... :D


I think that they are adding the audio now.

The human recorded audios (bought to a third-party company) are added once before the release into beta and that's it.
That's, by the way, one of the main reason why courses stay months at "100% completion" before reaching beta: staff and volunteers have to wait for the third-party company to create all the recordings (then they have to check them and send back the ones with issue... so wait again etc.)

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