Portugal Portuguese?

Does Duolingo have Portugal (European) Portuguese? I am going to Portugal for an extended trip and really want to learn Portugal Portuguese and don't want to have to 'relearn.'

Thanks for any assistance. Jim

July 10, 2016


well you can still learn European Portuguese using this course, just translate the "you" as "tu" instead of "você" to learn the forms, also learn the words that are different in European Portuguese (like ananás, pequeno-almoço, palavra-passe) (tho you'd probably have to use another site to find out what words are different)

anyway, you will be understood even if you speak Brazilian Portuguese

July 10, 2016

Thanks Lica.

July 10, 2016


July 10, 2016

I am a portuguese native speaker from Portugal and I took a placement test on brazilian portuguese, and got something like 80% fluency. That is how different it is.

November 6, 2016
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