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  5. "Powiedz mi coś o nim."

"Powiedz mi coś o nim."

Translation:Tell me something about him.

July 10, 2016




why not "it" here


You're right, the sentence would make sense as well if it was about a box, so "it" should work. Added.


Are you saying nim can be translated as it?


Sure, „nim” is for masculine nouns just as „niej” is for feminine nouns, irrespective of the sex/gender of the things you refer to:

  • –Hoduję pająka(m.) w domu.
  • –Interesujące… Powiedz mi coś o nim.
  • –To samica Czarnej Wdowy.

  • –I'm rearing a spider in my house.

  • –Interesting… Tell me something about it.
  • –It's a female Black Widow.

  • –Hej, przykro mi że rozbiłem ci tę butelkę(f.), po prostu jej nie zauważyłem.

  • –Hey, I'm sorry I shattered this bottle of yours, I just haven't noticed it.

And so on and so forth – this frequently causes problems in English for Polish speakers course, as Polish people have serious problems with understanding why they should use 'its' when referring to cat's milk in sub-clause, for example. ;)

[deactivated user]

    Why "Say me something about him" is not correct?


    That is grammatically wrong. You can say "Tell me something" or "Say something to me". The second option sounds rather strange in this particular example.

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