"Is the woman waiting inside?"

Translation:Bent vár a nő?

July 10, 2016

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Why isn't A nő bent vár accepted?


Can you say "Var bent a no?" (forgive the lack of accent marks).


Yes, "Bent vár a nő?" emphasises the inside (you already know that the woman is waiting, but don't know where), "Vár bent a nő?" emphasises the waiting (you already know the woman is inside, but not sure whether she is waiting or not), you could also do "A nő vár bent?" when you know somebody is waiting inside, but not sure whether it's the woman or somebody else. http://www.hungarianreference.com/Misc_Grammar/syntax-sentences-word-order.aspx


Thank you for the link! Köszönöm szépen!


Thank you very much. Köszönöm.


Why wrong it: A nő bent vár?


The way you phrased it is statement "The woman is waiting inside." "Bent vár a nő?" or "Vár bent a nő?" would have been a question (in the first case the question stressing whether the woman is waiting inside or somewhere else, in the latter, stressing whether the woman inside is waiting or doing something else).

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