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  5. "Det er en stor konstruktion."

"Det er en stor konstruktion."

Translation:It is a large construction.

July 10, 2016



This is sentence that does not translate usably in english. . .It is a large construction project. . . It is a large project under construction. . . But "It is a large construction" does not occur in the language. I get what it says, but it is not how you would say that.


It does, at least in British English. “You can refer to an object that has been built or made as a construction. The British pavilion is an impressive steel and glass construction the size of Westminster Abbey. Synonyms: structure, building, edifice, form.” https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/construction


While this translation is grammatically correct, it is odd. Your example gives additional context letting the reader know the "construction" is a pavillion. Without that context, I think most would describe the object differently than as a construction.


Well indeed, it’s not exactly common and is very vague. I have used it, and heard it used, but not in entirely serious way.


Why can't "stor" also mean "huge"?


Because there is a distinction between large and huge. huge translates into Danish as kæmpestor or enorm.


Why is "It is a big construction" wrong? Does it just not make sense in real world terms?


It is being accepted now, so maybe they have added it, or you had a typo.

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