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  5. "Jesteś na dole?"

"Jesteś na dole?"

Translation:Are you downstairs?

July 10, 2016



Could this be translated as "Are you downstairs?" as well?


"Are you downstairs" is the recommended translation (see above).


Perhaps the OP meant to say "You are downstairs". It's not clear that it's a question, after all.


Well, for questions (it has a question mark, after all) which do not start with "czy" we can accept the affirmative word order. Like in: What?! You are downstairs?!

And it is accepted already.


Ah. I was referring to the spoken-in-Polish version which has no rising intonation and no "czy".


Yeah, the intonation of the robotic audio can sometimes be problematic.


Why it is not :na dół ? How to know when it is locative after na or accusative ?


'na dół' (Accusative) is used when your sentence is about movement: "Idę na dół" (I am going downstairs).

'na dole' (Locative) is used when your sentence is about location: "Jestem na dole" (I am downstairs).


My polish friends seen to use a different word for downstairs, something like "parter" or "barter", I'm not sure on the correct spelling or pronunciation but could this be a dialect thing?


The "ground floor"(UK)/"first floor"(US) is "parter", presumably from Fr:"parterre".


Why there is "Jesteś na dole" and translate " 'Are you downstairs"? Why "na dole" means "downstairs" - "Downstairs" translate in Polish "shody w dół" But "Na dole" mustn't mean you are on the bottom of stairs or stairs going down. exapmple: "jestem na dole tego budynku" - "I am on the bottom of this bulding" no on the stairs.


You misunderstand the meaning of downstairs. It has nothing to do with actual stairs. Besides, no one says "I'm on the bottom of this building".


Jeśli downstairs/upstairs używamy w odniesieniu do budynku (jesteśmy na dole lub na górze), to w jakim kontekście można użyć on the bottom/on the top?


Chyba dosłownie na dnie/na szczycie... albo przynajmniej na samym dole/na samej górze.

downstairs/upstairs może oznaczać (jeśli się nie mylę), że jesteśmy na 10. piętrze, a mówimy o 9. albo 11.


Rozumiem. Dzięki :)

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