"The workers are in front of the new buildings."

Translation:A munkások az új épületek előtt vannak.

July 10, 2016

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Why not "A munkások vannak az új épuletek elott"?


Two questions on this one ... it seems like "épületek" is in the accusative position, so why not "épületeket"?

Also, another option has the subject/object in reverse order -- the leading article is wrong (A instead of Az), but otherwise, looks like it should be correct ... or could be, if the "épületek" had the accusative ending.

"A új épületek előtt vannak a munkások." -- this is the actual choice. "Az új épületeket előtt vannak a munkások." -- this slight variation looks correct to me.

Yes? No? Maybe? What am I misunderstanding here? Thanks.


There's no accusative here, as you're stating where someone is. Like when you say "I am in the house", you would just say "A házban vagyok". The verb "To be" acts more like an equals sign. It's a bit like saying "A munkások = az új épületek előtt".

The accusative case is used when a verb acts directly on a noun. For example, "Ettem a kenyeret" - "I ate the bread" -- the bread was eaten, so it takes the accusative. However, if you were to say, "Ettem a vacsora előtt" - "I ate before dinner" -- since there's a preposition (or in Hungarian a postposition), there's no accusative (no ending on "Vacsora"); nothing is specifically stated that was eaten. Taking it further, you could say, "Ettem a kenyeret a vacsora előtt" - "I ate the bread before dinner" -- this time there's an object - "A kenyeret" - and a prepositional phrase - "A vacsora előtt". I hope you understand this. Additionally, you can check out this site to see more about the accusative in Hungarian, and this article to see more about the accusative in general.

"Az új épületek előtt vannak a munkások" is correct. Saying it like this puts a bit more emphasis on the fact that they're in front of the new buildings (as opposed to, for example, the old ones).


Thanx muchly for the explanation. Lingot 2 U.

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