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How (not) to pronounce Hungarian foods.

A cute youtube-thingy, comparing the American vs Hungarian pronunciations of 33 classic Hungarian dishes. Watching the American woman try to pronounce the names is funny, and you also get a list of must-try meals for your next trip to Budapest.


ps: My vote is for madártej.

July 10, 2016



Forgive me but that woman was totally possessed by dyslexia.


however, Hungarians usually don't say food names as if they were saying "hasta la vista, baby"


Deeply unfair if she was not then fed for 33 consecutive days on these fine foods :) I've had and enjoyed nearly all of them, but never gúlyás leves as I was always told that was just for using up leftovers, so no family ever gave me any, or tokaji, as we had the family wine:) I'd add gyümölcs leves- cold fruit soup, tójásleves- egg soup made with paprika and carraway, hólabda- snowballs you roll thin sheets of pastry, cut into strips with a zigzaggy-edged tool, then very loosely roll into a ball about the size of a small tennis ball, put this into a special tool- basically a hinged ball of metal with many holes in it, on the end of a long handle, and you put it in the ball, clip it closed and deep fry it, then when golden and cooked, you roll it in icing sugar and eat, chestnut icecream, and the many types of sütemény that maybe are unique to each family- I always loved the ones made with walnut marzipan. I've recreated them at home from memory, using walnuts, vanilla powder, icing sugar and lemon zest and juice, but I can't ge the pastry right- and chicken cooked with peaches, that was good, and sport csokis- rum chocolate bars- mmm. The simple food- peppers fresh from the market, fresh, melt-in-the-mouth peaches, etc, simply proper Hungarian fresh, ripe peppers- pritamin paprika or the ordinary whitish-green type, with a bit of piros arany on some trappista sajt, on fresh bread, toasted...:) Thanks for filling my mind with happy tastes!

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