"I feel that he is here."

Translation:אני מרגיש שהוא כאן.

July 10, 2016

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Why doesn't this sentence contain the verb נמצא? In other places we're told it's mandatory for defining a location. Here it isn't even accepted.


Thanks for asking this question. I hope someone responds. My hunch is that maybe נמצא works like a copula and needs a noun on the other side, which is not the case here with only כאן, so it's optional. But this wiki entry has נמצא in a comparable situation: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/נמצא So I'm not confident. Let's keep an eye out for tendencies.


פה and כאן are interchangeable. פה should be accepted.


Yes, they are completely interchangeable, although כאן can mean 'here' in a wider sense, whereas פה can hint at more of a 'right here' sense of here. This is not a rule, but in everyday speech, this is more or less how one would use these two words.


Ani margish she-hu kan.

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