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  5. "משפחה חדשה באה לשכונה."

"משפחה חדשה באה לשכונה."

Translation:A new family is coming to the neighborhood.

July 10, 2016



Why can't we say "a new family comes to town" ? I'm no english expert but it looks like something we usually say, no?


אני מריח סיטקום סוג ז'.


‘Came’ got rejected, 2016-07-10. You really have to take care of the two meanings of verbs with ו\י as their ע' הפועל in פָּעַל.


Ba'á = is coming

Bá'a = came

However, Pealim says that "The ending [of ba'á] is usually unstressed in spoken language."


Why can I say? “ A new family are coming to the neibourhood״


"A new family are coming to the neighbourhood" was marked as incorrect, but in UK English the use of plural is normal. See https://blog.harwardcommunications.com/2017/02/07/the-family-is-or-the-family-are/


This blog mostly discusses cases in which the definite article precedes the noun, and when the definite article precedes the noun, there are times when either “is” or “are” are acceptable.

However, in the sentence we’re working on here, the indefinite article precedes the noun, and the indefinite article usually goes with a singular subject. Therefore, “a family is” is correct, rather than “a family are”.

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