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  5. "Tôi ở hướng bắc."

"Tôi hướng bắc."

Translation:I am at the north.

July 10, 2016



"At the north" is problematic in English. "At" requires a more specific location than "the north" unless the sentence is referring to some point (such as a border) where "the north" begins. "In the north" is more likely.


Yes, should be in the north


"i am north" should be accepted


'Up North' and 'Down South' should be accepted, as this is how they are generally referred to in English.


My grandparents also consistently used "over" and "out" to refer to points east and west respectively, as in "over in Westminster" or "out in Frederick" (in addition to "up in Hanover" and "down in Baltimore"). People still say "up north," "down south" and "out west" but I'm not sure that "over east" is still current. Of course, there is less call for "east" when you live on the east coast.


Thank you as always for a quite informative note.


In English we say "in the north" not "at the north". To be more spece, we use the preposition "in" when using cardinal points as nouns.


If the Vietnamese means is a location identifiable as "the north" then "in the north" is the English idiom. If the meaning is "in a place located north of a reference point" the the English is "I am to the north" or "I am north (of.... )"


When would you say this?


...or "to the north"


I live in the north should be acceptable as well as "ở" is used by my local friends to say they are living or staying somewhere.

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