"Az új épületek nem alacsonyak, hanem magasak."

Translation:The new buildings are not low, but high.

July 10, 2016

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One normally uses short and tall to describe buildings in English, not low and high.


People do not describe buildings as 'low' in English. 'Short' should be an accepted translation.


Why isn't it újak?


Short and tall are the appropriate English translations. Low and high are not common English description for buildings


"Short",when referring to a building, means length not height. "Alcsony" .would be "low" or "not high, not tall"


Except "low" would rarely, if ever, be used to describe a bulding in English. So is the app looking for a meaningful translation that makes sense to an English speaker or a transliteration that makes no sense? I see this app struggle with this issue all the time.


I should say "american english". Maybe Brits use low and high in this sentence. In America, this would literally mean a building built on low ground rather than high ground.


Surely, "The new buildings are not low, but tall" should be accepted as a correct answer.


I don't see the error in my typing or translation.


I don't see the error in my typing or translation.

Nor can anybody else.

Next time, I recommend that you take a screenshot that shows the exercise you saw and the answer you gave; upload the image to a website somewhere such as imgur or postimage or ibbco or Flickr; and put the URL of the image into your comment.

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