"A gazdag politikusok új repülőgépeken repülnek."

Translation:The rich politicians are flying on new airplanes.

July 10, 2016

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i would say 'on new planes' not 'by new planes'. you might say 'i travel by plane' but that's a more categorical statement. i travel "by foot" but i wouldn't travel "by new feet" even if i'd had them replaced lately....


Hogy a nyavalya törje ki őket. :)


Your translation is strange. Better would be: The rich politicians fly in new airplanes.


Not in English. You fly on a plane (or by plane) not in a plane.


why is there no article used with "új repülőgépeken"?


Because there is also none used in the English translation. :)


my knowledge is limited but I thought the definite article was always used


The definite article is only used if you're talking about definite things. The airplanes in this sentence are just some new airplanes, not the new airplanes.


The translation given with the correct answer is "the rich politicians fly by new airplanes," but here in the comments section I see "...on new..." "On" is correct, right? I don't see how "by" would even enter into it.


"On new airplanes" is the correct and literal translation here, right.
"By new airplanes" sounds a bit off (as if they are passing the planes), "with new airplanes" is more natural, and these phrases have the literal translation "új repülőgépekkel".


Just a comment on the English translation. I find the use of "with" or "on" in English depends on which form of the present tense is used. With "they are flying" I would use "on", as this form of the present implies they are actually in the air (or will be soon). It's a one-off situation. If we mean "they fly", meaning generally, it implies the new airplanes are like a tool. I could use "on", but "with" would be more natural for me.


------- the lady on this page drops the "n " from repu:lo"ge'peken . . .

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I think a better translation is- The rich politicians fly on new airplanes.

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