"Mit csinál a művész?"

Translation:What does the artist do?

July 10, 2016

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I wrote "What is the artist making?" and it marked me wrong. I thought it could be make or do for csinal, and in the case of an artist, I thought they could be making a piece of art, but it's currently just a lump of clay or something. ;)


I think it's worth reporting. :)


I did this too and realised it isnt asking for a translation but just the spoken hungarian written down


Is the mit csinál in the beginning of the sentence to put more importance on what the artist is doing or is this Hungarian word order?


The fun is that 'A művész mit csinál?' could be also a proper sentence. It has the same meaning, but a little bit different taste.


This is the word order in a regular sentence - OVS.


Actually, Hungarian is by very weak default SVO (in sentences without any particular emphasis) but it is highly topic prominent, with topic and focus preceding the finite verb.


On the statement "A művész mit csinál?" I would put the English translation as "WHAT is the artist doing?" placing more emphasis on the idea of "what" the artist is doing. Is my analysis correct?

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