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  5. "חופש הוא הדבר החשוב ביותר."

"חופש הוא הדבר החשוב ביותר."

Translation:Freedom is the most important thing.

July 10, 2016



חופש also means vacation (or holiday, in British)


it is a common mistake that natives do. bu Vacation is Hufsha not Hofesh.


Can't wait till the people at the Academy of Hebrew finally accept it as a real usage


I disagree with Pumbush that it's a mistake. For example, the name for the summer vacation from school is החופש הגדול, not החופשה הגדולה. You can also find this meaning in definitions in dictionaries.


Well, kinda. Snacks are pretty important too.


What is the difference between חופש and חירות?


In proper use they are synonyms. The word חירות is more formal (like in חג החירות) or legislative (like in חירויות הפרט which are individual's "freedoms" or like in חוק היסוד כבוד האדם וחירותו which is a basis law about the respect and freedom every person diserves. You don't have to remember this because it is a matter of time until the current government will cancel it).


So it is like liberty in English?


Yes, it is.

But you should be aware that the word חופש, unlike חירות, is widely misused as holiday/vacation instead of חופשה, like in החופש הגדול which is the Hebrew phrase for the July-August school break - "the long holiday" - or חופש פסח which is the 2.5 weeks school break surrounding passover.


Freedom is not a thing, it is a matter!

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