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  5. "איזה שוק יפֶה!"

"איזה שוק יפֶה!"

Translation:What a beautiful market!

July 11, 2016



The word שוק is also commonly used to mean ‘chaotic vulgarity’. Not surprising as marketplaces here tend to be open and salespeople tend to declare their merchandise rather loudly.

  • מה זה כל הצעקות והבלגאן הזה?! מה זה שוק פה?!

  • What’s all this shouting and disorder?! What is this, a marketplace?!

If you’ve seen the film Zero Motivation (אפס ביחסי אנוש) you might’ve noticed that the commanding officer there, Rama, chides her subordinates at the adjutancy (שָׁלִישׁוּת) for how disorganised and inefficient they are and tells them around they base they’re called ‘שלישוק’.


Is that word שוק valid for any market including "financial markets", or the "job market", or the "football market"??? Or just for the ones in the streets?


Yes, it can mean these things too, e.g. שׁוּק־הָעֲבוֹדָה, the job market.


Why is"lovely market" incorrect?


I had the same problem. "Lovely" is used for יפה on here a lot


I didn't accept "nice" either, but I think it should.


I tried "lovely" also my first time around (2017). Now repeating this exercise (Jan. 2019), I wanted the chance to report it if they were still marking it wrong. When I first started doing DL, I didn't know about reporting. So hopefully they will soon accept "what a lovely market"

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