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  5. "Często chodzimy do muzeum."

"Często chodzimy do muzeum."

Translation:We often go to the museum.

July 11, 2016



We frequently go to the museum


Makes sense, added.


"Often we go to the museum" - is incorrect! I feel that in conversation the "we" & "often" can be switched... it sounds completely natural to say it this way.


I agree that it's not incorrect, but "often we go to the museum," sounds a little unnaturally in my opinion. Maybe it needs a comma if used as an opening​ clause. "Often, we go to the museum." Even then, it sounds like an incomplete thought, like a reason or circumstance must follow why or when we go to the museum. It's just how it sounds to me personally


It's possible, but for me it only really works after something else - "On Saturdays we go to the park, and often we go to the museum there". But as a standalone sentence it sounds a bit strange to me.


I completely agree with you @ChlebBoi and I think the other responders are a little misguided.


Can't it be 'come' instead of 'go' as well?


Przychodzimy means "we come"


I am surprised that the main asnwer is : to THE museum. I should expect : to A museum. Because I think most cultural people will go to different musea , because it gets boring if you look every time to the same exhibition.


Since there's no context, it can be either one. Polish has no articles so the meaning is determined by context


I'd say that the Polish speaker has in mind a specific museum, or there is only one in town that is worth going to. They would phrase it differently if they wanted to say that they frequent all of them, like "Lubimy chodzić do muzeum" - "We like/enjoy going to a museum". But you have a good point.


My understanding of this sentence doesn't imply one museum but museums in general. I think I'd compare it to going to the theater or the cinema, which at least in Polish don't suggest going to the same one over and over...

By the way, I started typing "do you often go to..." in the search bar and the first two results were "the cinema" and "the theater", so do those imply going every time to the same... building?


I still think it should accept both answers: museum abd the museum. Or, add an a article.


"a museum" works, but just "museum" would be ungrammatical.


RU: Czasto chodim do muzeja!


If you dont know how to say things go to this https://www.duolingo.com/courses/pl Language Courses for Polish Speakers - Duolingo


Why not "We are going to the museum often "


The usual meaning of "are going" is that it is happening right now. But often refers to something that is repeated multiple times. These two ideas conflict with each other. There would be very limited situations where you sentence would be correct but they're probably too obscure to be counted as correct here.


Last time it marked me wrong for using go instead of walk and this time go is alright? Illuminati Confirmed.


I don't think that "go" is wrong in any sentence where "walk" is correct...


I tend to place often between the verb and the prepositional phrase..which i did here: We go often to the museum". Duo didnt like it. I thought maybe since czesto was the first word of the sentence, it was to be emphasized.


It would have been "My chodzimy często do muzeum." It is correct, but different emphasis, and rather odd sounding sentence (unnatural).


Is it really a grammatically correct and natural word order, though?


No, not without separating "often" with commas.


Which we consider to be too much of a change to accept, especially given the fact that the grading completely ignores punctuation.


Which is the right decision.


Why no "We go to the museum often"?


It's an accepted answer.

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