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"What kinds are you looking for, small ones or tall ones?"

Translation:Te milyeneket keresel, kicsiket vagy magasakat?

July 11, 2016



Are 'magasokat' and 'magasakat' both valid spellings? There's a multiple choice version of this question where the only difference I see in the answers is this spelling and it wants both of them, which confused me.


I believe there are regional differences in spelling, yes. Just as regionally/for older folks "above" can be "felett" or "fölött".


I was surprised by this too.


Why does 'Milyeneket' start with a capital letter in the translation 'Te Milyeneket keresel...'?


That's a technical issue. The machine takes the full sentence "Milyeneket keresel.." and adds the pronoun in front of it, because that's correct as well, but the capital in milyeneket still remains. Of course this is not the correct capitalisation there, but the issue is negligible, I'd say.


Ambiguity with small here, right? Could it also be 'kicsiket'?


Technically it could be, but magas and alacsony are antonyms, so that would be the better fit.


Then the english should probably read "short ones", not "small".


Hmm, agreed. Report it when you come across it again, please. :)


My brain doesn't always work in pairs unfortunately. lol


I am assuming that if the person who wrote the question wanted us to answer alacsonyakat, he/she would have written "short ones". Since he/she wrote small ones, the correct answer is "kicsiket". No ambiguity here. Duololingo should accept kicsiket and reject alacsonyakat. No more guessing please.


Maybe you haven't noticed, but the translation did want alacsonyakat:

"Translation: Milyeneket keresel, alacsonyakat vagy magasakat?"

Hence why this was brought up. This isn't guessing. This is trying to improve a lesson which is in Beta to be better and more successful.


Actually I noticed this morning that there are two separate questions: one asking a translation from English to Hungarian, with small ones in English and one from Hungarian to English with alacsonyakat in Hungarian. My comment concerned the English sentence where small wrongly required alacsonyakat, and rejected kicsiket in duolingo. This should clarify my comment.


Ah, indeed. It's almost like the answers for the two are swapped.


Why "keresel" and not "kerestek"?


Both should be accepted, report it if not.

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