"The short Korean boss is shouting in front of the Mongolian workers."

Translation:Az alacsony koreai főnök a mongol munkások előtt kiabál.

July 11, 2016

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    Dolgozo is also an acceptable word for worker. The sentence should also allow more flexibility of emphasis based on arrangement. For example (excusing proper accents): "Az alacsony koreai fonok kiabal a mongol dolgozok elott."


    I agree. I also wrote: "Az alacsony koreai főnök kiabál a mongol dolgozók előtt", and it was rejected although it is another correct solution.

    "Dolgozók" and "munkások" are synonyms, and the word order of the English sentence does not indicate that the emphasis is on the "Mongolian workers".


    just leaving "dolgozó" here, with accents

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