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  5. "Does your son like fruit?"

"Does your son like fruit?"

Translation:Czy wasz syn lubi owoce?

July 11, 2016



Still confused about case endings, i wrote synem and was not marked wrong. How is this?


What about: Lubi owoce twoj syn?


technically correct, but so much unnatural. Twój syn lubi owoce? would be ok.


Mmm I put in Twoj syn lubi owoce? couple of times as it seemed natural, but it kept getting bounced.


"Twoj syn lubi owoce?" is definitely correct, apart from the lack of special character (Twój). It should have worked.


Similar question: does "lubi twój syn owoce?" violate a word order rule, or is it also technically correct (if also unnatural sounding)?


I guess it's not wrong per se but also rather unnatural.


How can it be "wasz" rather than twoj since if you're speaking to more than ONE person - it would be sons rather just son?


Imagine that Mister Smith and his wife are standing in front of you. They have come with their only child. Let us call him John. Now you ask Mister Smith and his wife (two people) if their son like fruit.


Ah. I don't know why I didn't consider this scenario. Thanks! :)


The response to my translation to Polish said "son" should have been "synek". What's that?


Both syn and synek are acceptable. Synek is the diminutive of syn, like a term of endearment.


What about "owoc" used in singular? According to dictionaries, this exists.


There is no article or demonstrative pronoun in front of fruit, so it must be plural.


Why is twoj synem wrong?

I put that and it told me it should be spelled twoj synek. What's the rule?


'Synem' is in the instrumental case. Since the son is the subject of the sentence, you must use the base form (nominative) 'syn'. Although I'm surprised that it showed you 'synek' (diminutive), because it's not the main answer, just an accepted one.


It seems that what the grading algorithm suggests tends to change quite often, but in a way "synek" is the closest correct answer to what Kristine wrote, I can imagine the algorithm 'thinking' that it was just a typo rather than the wrong form.

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