"Where is Vietnam?"

Translation:Việt Nam ở đâu?

July 11, 2016


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Duolingo tells that "Đâu là nước Việt Nam?" was a possible answer. What does nước / water has to do with it?

November 27, 2016


I don't exactly know why, but nước also means "country".


when do you include ở?


means "to be located at", so you need it here, because there is no other verb in the sentence. If it's the only verb, and the sentence is about someone or something being somewhere, you basically need .

When something else is happening, if another verb is used in the sentence, like eating, sleeping, etc., it is also usually used. But sometimes you can use prepositions indicating a place (like trong, trên, etc.).


When you want to locate something or someone. It can also mean to live so for example "tôi ở chung với một người bạn" (I live with a friend).


xin chào tôi là Hùng,tôi đén từ việt nam. Các bạn đến từ nước nào ? (đậu má chắc bọn nó éo hỉu j đâu

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