"It could be that there are a million planets just like ours."

Translation:יכול להיות שיש מיליון כוכבי לכת בדיוק כמו שלנו.

July 11, 2016

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Is it impossible to use אפשר instead of יכול להיות?

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Yes, it is a perfectly cromulent word.

I think these days אפשרי is more common, but אפשר is correct. In common usage, though, אפשר is more often used for something that can be done; less so for something that may be true. But it's not wrong in either sense.


I have also seen/heard people use just כוכב to mean planet... Maybe it's just one of those "yeah, it's wrong, but people say it anyway" things?

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No, it's totally fine. You can use כוכב for a planet, a star, or the ones in Hollywood.. If you want to be more specific you can use כוכב לכת or כוכב שבת (moving star vs stationary star = planet vs star).

But calling all the dots you see in the night sky כוכבים is just fine.

(Yeah, I know some of them are galaxies)


Yes, probably. Since the name in Hebrew is כוכב לכת, it does imply that a planet is a type of star (even though it's not really), so perhaps it's the source of the confusion.


So planet can be כוכב OR כוכב לכת?


No - כוכב is a star. Planet can either be כוכב לכת or פלנטה (planeta).


That is why I find it strange that one of the alternative answers showed planet translated simply as כוכב


Could be there is one and only our earth, mars,...


how about "... כמו זה שלנו" Is this wrong? (it was marked wrong)


I couldn't find the בדיוק equivalent in the English original, why shall it be in Hebrew?


Well, בְּדִיּוּק exactly, precisely translates the just in the English sentence.

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