"A török órák jók."

Translation:The Turkish clocks are good.

July 11, 2016

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I wrote "The turkish lessons are good"

It was marked wrong... but am I really incorrect?

Óra means hour, or clock - but can also mean lesson e.g. "Nemet óra" can mean a German lesson.

Am I making a mistake?


Well, technically, you would be correct if you meant "Turkish lesson" in the sense the lesson is Turkish some way, maybe held by Turkish people, maybe for Turkish people, maybe involving Turkish language, who knows. This is quite rare to express. For the more common "Turkish lesson" sense (Turkish being the subject taught), you should write "törökórák" as one word.


What is thd difference between jo, jol and jok? And is there other ways to say "good" that i have not mentioned?


Jó - adjective singular Jók - adjective plural (adjectives can be declined the same way as nouns) Jól - adverb (more "well" than "good")

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