"They are taking the cars."

Translation:Az autókat viszik.

July 11, 2016

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Is "they" singular or plural here?


Plural. I don't think singular they is used in this course.


The lack of formal academic training get really obvious on questions like this, even though I use and understand it, I didn't think there's a singular they until I googled it because of your answer :D


I only know about it because of Duolingo as well. There are plenty of heated discussions about it in some of the courses. :D


Well, no need for things to get heated...

Non-gender-specific, third person singular in English is "they" (Gender-specific: "he" and "she")

Third person plural - also "they"

I /always/ use they to mean a single person whenever the gender is either irrelevant or inappropriate.

I'm not sure why people would get heated over it... Singular they has been in existence and use for a loooooooooong time.


E.g. "Imagine a Budapesti uni student getting up in the morning, and they start to look for their morning coffee..."


Well, I am no expert of English grammar, so I can't tell if it's correct or not, but I hope nobody will come here to disagree with you. I've seen enough of those arguments, and they never end well (if they end at all). :D


I just wanted to double check as normally I associate -ik verb endings with third person singular... Thank you!!!


Yes, the verb has an -ik ending in both of these cases:

  • third person singular, indefinite conjugation, -ik verbs
  • third person plural, definite conjugation, verbs with front vowels

(Of course this is only valid for present tense, indicative mood)


I always thought my point in using Duo was to learn multiple languages, and I really do learn great things. But now I realize I'm here just for the fun of reading the comments. Specially in Hungarian course.

P.s.: I love you.


Why id "ok viszik az autot" wrong?


So why isn't the consonant "s" doubled in this case before the ending is added?


Az autókat visznek? It says only viszik is accepted? What's the difference?

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