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"Ezek meleg és sekély tengerek."

Translation:These are warm and shallow seas.

July 11, 2016



Isn't "These warm and shallow seas." the correct translation for this sentence? Translating "These are warm and shallow seas." would be "Ezek tengerek melegek es sekelyek.", right?


"These warm and shallow seas" seems like a half sentence to me, waiting for something like "are full of life". Your Hungarian sentence is missing the article from before tengerek "Ezek a tengerek melegek és sekélyek." I'd translate that as "These seas are warm and shallow".


In addition to this, I would like to humbly point that if the adjective is positioned before the noun it must be in singular. On the other hand, if it is positioned after, it should be in plural (of course if the noun is in plural).


And if it's positioned after the noun, it cannot attribute the noun. They can only be linked together by a linking verb, mostly the "to be" verb.


After reading your reply, and looking at it with a fresh mind after a break, I understand now. Thanks!


What about " These seas are warm and shallow?" is it correct as well?


No, that would be "Ezek a tengerek melegek és sekélyek." Notice the position of the adjectives.

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