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Duolingo Crashes IE /Windows 7 Enterprise Since January Change

Duolingo made a change in January. Ever since it crashes for me; lots. No other problems, just here. Anyone else?

I.E. 9/ Windows 7 Enterprise/ DELL Lattitude E6430

February 2, 2014



Can you provide some additional info about when you are experiencing this?


On the main page; just landing there or scrolling down. It's happening 3-4 times in a row. Then it's okay to enter a lesson. The message is something like, "Internet Explorer has stopped working. A problem has caused internet explorer to stop working. Please close the program.."


See here http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1567837

I have also noticed a few font issues. Primarily that the text is rendered really poorly (just look at the height of the lowercase letter t compared to the other lowercase letters), and it is often clipped (e.g., in the answer fields, you cannot distinguish between q & g).

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