"I am not American, but Mexican."

Translation:Nem amerikai vagyok, hanem mexikói.

July 11, 2016

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Why is "Én nem amerikai vagyok, hanem mexikói" not accepted??


It is good. Report it as "my answer should be accepted."


Mexicans are Americans too


Yes, in the sense of American from Americas, but not American as from USA.

Hungarians call all people from Netherlands as Hollandic, even though Holland is just a region in Netherlands. That's an example of the reverse.

So it's better to accept these errors, or let rename USA to Usonia or something.


Aren't Mexicans actually calling themselves as Americans? Since that's what they do in Spanish, and it usually becomes the same in other languages they speak.

"mexikói és amerikai vagyok, de nem az USA-ból", or something.

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Nem vagyok amerikai, hanem mexikói - would this be correct too?


I believe you would then want to contrast against the verb - maybe something like "Nem amerikai vagyok, hanem leszek" ("I'm not American (yet), but I will be").

Magyar beszélőknek - a fölött lévő elmagyarázás helyes?


Your example should probably have "Nem vagyok amerikai..." to make it clear what you are explaining :) i.e. that the "nem" is in front of the thing that you are contrasing - here, the verb.


En nem amerikai vagyok hanem mexikoi is not accepted. Why adding a personal pronoun is a mistake?


What about "En nem amerikai, ..."? I thought "vagyok" was optional?


[Native Hungarian here] "vagyok" could only be optional, if the context had already used some form of this word. E.g. - Te amerikai vagy, ugye? (= You are American, aren't you?) - Nem amerikai [vagyok], hanem mexikói. (= [I am] Not American but Mexican.) In your sentence, it is the subject (én) that can be omitted.

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