"Ő hátul vár egy autót."

Translation:She is waiting for a car in the back.

July 11, 2016



"in the back" always implies where the person is waiting (back of the building, back seat of the car, etc) while "behind" needs a clearer object (behind the building, behind the car). So if you say "waiting in the back for a car" you can assume the back of the building/lot/room but you wouldn't say "waiting behind for a car".

October 11, 2017


You might if you were trying to say that one of your party remained waiting for the car while the rest decided to walk on.

September 29, 2018


I put "He's waiting behind a car", but that was wrong... so would that be "Ő vár hátul egy autót"?

July 11, 2016


"Behind" is simply "Mögött" - "He's waiting behind a car" would be "(Ő) Egy autó mögött vár".

July 11, 2016


What does in back mean? I am australian and we don't have that terminology I don't think.

December 19, 2016


The sentance is a very unlikely one in English......is the intention to say something like "She is in the back (ie, yard or something) waiting for a car"?

April 1, 2017


In English 'in back' and 'behind' are synonyms and both can be used in this sentence.

July 10, 2017
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