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  5. "Ő hátul vár egy autót."

"Ő hátul vár egy autót."

Translation:She is waiting for a car in the back.

July 11, 2016



"in the back" always implies where the person is waiting (back of the building, back seat of the car, etc) while "behind" needs a clearer object (behind the building, behind the car). So if you say "waiting in the back for a car" you can assume the back of the building/lot/room but you wouldn't say "waiting behind for a car".


You might if you were trying to say that one of your party remained waiting for the car while the rest decided to walk on.


I put "He's waiting behind a car", but that was wrong... so would that be "Ő vár hátul egy autót"?


"Behind" is simply "Mögött" - "He's waiting behind a car" would be "(Ő) Egy autó mögött vár".


What does in back mean? I am australian and we don't have that terminology I don't think.


The sentance is a very unlikely one in English......is the intention to say something like "She is in the back (ie, yard or something) waiting for a car"?


In English 'in back' and 'behind' are synonyms and both can be used in this sentence.

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