"Mi van az alma és a lámpa között?"

Translation:What is between the apple and the lamp?

July 11, 2016

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Why is it 'mi' here and not 'mit' as in ' it csinalsz'?


Because here you are asking about the subject (the thing you are asking about is the thing which is doing the "being somewhere").

In Mit csinálsz?, you are asking about the object -- the subject (the person doing the "doing") is "you", and mit is the object, the thing being done, so it takes the accusative ending -t.


Thanks! I almost forgot I was doing a language with 18 cases!


I answered; What is in between the apple and the lamp

How would you write that in Hungarian? Because now the anwser gives only; What is between...


I'd say the two sentences are synonymous in English, so I would expect them to be identical in Hungarian.

Next time you come across this sentence, please use your variant and report it as an additional translation to be accepted. Thank you :)


I also wrote that as an answer the other day and I reported it so hopefully it gets marked correct soon.


I am not a native English speaker and I thought that it was not correct to say "what is IN between A and B" but only "what is between A and B". On the other hand, according to my knowledge, we could say for instance: "There were two houses with a narrow path IN between." Please correct me if I am wrong.


You have more or less got it. Use 'in between' when the two objects are fairly close together, eg two houses separated by a narrow path; just 'between' when the distance is much larger, eg Germany lies between France and Poland.


I see the use of -ött here as the common suffix for a lot the descriptives used, such as el-ött, mög-ött, föl-ött, etc. Could someone define what "-ött" means specifically? I am trying to see how "-ött" modifies the "el", "mög", "föl", etc. Helps to see the patterns.


I'd suppose it has something to do with "ott" as in "there"...


In this sentence, is it possible to say this also "Mi az alma es a lampa között van?" Or would it be completety bad hungarian?


No, that's not correct. Mi and van can't be separated here.


Just wondering, how would you write, "What is the apple and the lamp in between?"


It would have to be What ARE the apple and the lamp in between?, I think -- you can't say "the apple and the lamp is ...".

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