"A lány szeret telefonálni."

Translation:The girl likes talking on the phone.

July 11, 2016

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Could it be "the girl likes to speak on the phone" too?


"The girl likes to talk on the telephone" I think this works too


So is telephone also a verb in Hungarian (telefonálni)? Eg. The girl loves to telephone.


Yes. -al/-el is a suffix that can turn nouns into verbs, e.g. gép - gépel (machine - to type; typewriter = írógép ); csere - cserél (exchange - to exchange).

I'm not sure if you use "telephone" as a verb in English, though. I'm only familiar with "to call".


I see! Yea, I suppose it can be a verb in English too, but it would be very unusual (maybe even old fashioned) to say. We do say "to phone". It's so funny how learning another language teaches you more about your own language too!


Telefonalni is not the word for talking

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