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A little fix that would save us some time and effort


Everytime I have a task like this (link to the picture above) the first active window is the one where you type the word. Don't you think it would be easier if the first active window would be the one with the article choice? This way you could choose an article with the arrow buttons, then press Tab and insert the word and simply press enter - as you might have noticed, you wouldn't have to take your hands off the keyboard which I personally find quite disturbing.

January 31, 2013



Ah. Try this: just type the article in the text box and you'll see it goes directly to the selector.


There is a better way already. Simply type the article in the word field, hit space, and the article will appear in the article drop-down automatically leaving you to type the word.


Whoops, I saw not the responses :P


Thanks a lot, such a feature satisfies me ;D

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