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  5. "במים יש סוכר, יש בהם סוכר."

"במים יש סוכר, יש בהם סוכר."

Translation:There is sugar in the water, there is sugar in it.

July 11, 2016



I translated this as "There is sugar in water..." Duolingo said "You need the article "the" here." Why do I need the definite article "the" if there is no 'ה' in front of מים?


Be+Hamayim = Bamayim

The Hay is in the Ba

The audio says Bamaim, not Bemain.

[deactivated user]

    Just curious to know why "בהם" in the second part of the sentence. Is "מים" plural?


    Yes Mayim are always plural, no singular form.


    And yet, you still say "there is sugar in IT" not "there is sugar in THEM"... Is it possible to say מימים to indicate multiple bodies of water? If so, then בהם really would mean "in them", right?


    No you can't say מימים. You can't say Mayim in plural, only the singular form exists - Mayim.


    "Yes Mayim are always plural, ""no singular form."""

    "No you can't say מימים. You can't say Mayim in plural, ""only the singular form exists"" - Mayim."

    I'm so sorry Pumbush, could you explain, I'm confused =(


    The word מים is in plural form so there cannot be "an even more plural" for מים like 1Talmidah asked. On the other hand there is no singular too.

    For multiple bodies of water we would say מקווי מים/אגני מים.

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