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Suggestion to improve multiple-choice tasks

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I've noticed there seem to be two types of multiple-choice tasks: those in which one word varies, and those in which two words vary. In the former case, it doesn't matter how many answers would be presented; difficulty generally just increases with the number of potential answers. (More options might be added for more advanced learners, for example.)

But those of the latter form seem to follow a particular pattern:

  • # A # C #
  • # B # C #
  • # B # D #

where the # represents any number of unchanging words. In these cases, the answer seems to always be # B # C # because it has one word shared with each of the other two answers. This makes choosing the correct response a matter of simple deduction, rather than forcing the student to learn the language.

The addition of a single sentence, of the form # A # D #, would fix this issue; alternately, so would the removal of either of the incorrect responses.

Note: I've only used the Spanish course, so I don't know if multiple-choice tasks are constructed differently in other courses.

4 years ago