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[guide] How to move a post

[GUIDE] Links - all languages

How to move, shift, change topic for a post you have created.

If you are subscribed to the correct course/forum, then these are the steps.
1. go to the post you created.
. At the bottom of the top post/header post you will see the options "Edit Delete "
. Press on the "Edit" button
. In the top left corner of your screen you will see a green button "Topic: xxxx"
. Click on the down arrow which will produce a drop down menu of all the courses you are subscribed to. Click on the appropriate course.
2. Click on the blue "save" button on the right hand side. Your post will then be moved to the new Topic Forum Discussion channel.

How to move a post.
How to change to a new course

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July 11, 2016



Thank you for creating this, roo :)


Thank you bunny. You inspire me in ever so many ways !


Thank you for doing this! What a great idea! I've "followed" it so I can easily find it and provide the link to others who don't yet know.


I have also put a link to this on my main learning loom reference page
You can also locate my main reference page, by going to my bio/activity page.
It is the last link mentioned in my bio description.

How does it make it easier to find a post if you "follow" it ?


I click "Discussion" and then "Followed" and there are just a few that I have to scroll through.

It saves me trying to remember key words and figuring out a magic combination that will get me what I want via the search tool.


I have a top-secret unique keyword I type between the brackets of the sun image I put in my reply to a post I want to find again. Then I can find them with the search tool.


That's brilliant.


how do you put the sun emoji ???


Following a post just sends you replies to that post.


Seriously, I still regularly direct people here. Thank you again roo!


Great POST! You're on Fire!

[deactivated user]

    This is really useful Thank you for posting this :D


    thanks ! truly helped me !


    I knew how but good tutorial!


    This will be useful to show to users who do not know how to change their post location yet! Upvoted and gave a lingot.


    Mind BLOWN! Truly awesome. This post & its following comments all are wildly creative & informative. I look forward to that great day when I have even the dimmest grasp of what all of you are talking about. I also look forward to finding out where you get the cute animal faces for your 'portraits' & how you can cause a kangaroo to hop at the close of your remarks.

    I feel like I am missing the larger part of the Duolingo experience. I guess I'll have to explore the various Forums & Wikis to find out where all the happening people are. So far, I've just been learning Spanish (slowly). Soon I may be in the thick of things. But probably not.

    I DO appreciate the lovely spirit of helpfulness that pervades Duolingo! Those with experience share it freely with newbies like me--& surprise other experienced types with new ideas. Humans are very loving creatures & people are just as nice to us as we let them be. This is a great place & I'm grateful I found it.


    Likewise. I'm a tech illiterate so it's a struggle.


    i still dont get how to do it


    oh - well we will need to have a chat, and work out how to say this differently.

    There are times, when you put a post up on our forums, and the content of the post is not appropriate for the forum that you put it up in. That it would though be very appropriate in one of our other forums, and so it is required that the post is moved to the correct forum.

    Above is instructions as to how to do that.

    So to move a post, you, the Original Poster of the post, needs to go back to the link of that post, and edit it.

    When you go back to that post, you will see a little "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of the top (header) post.

    First off you need to press on that edit button.

    This will then show the original post in a screen that also allows you to change the "topic" (often referred to as the forum), that this post is classified under.

    So you need to change this green button listing to the correct forum which is appropriate for the content of your post.

    Thank you for raising this. I will also look to change the "example image" to include showing the edit button.

    Is that explanation any clearer ?


    How many forums or topics are there? I just click on "Discussion" and don't know how to follow other forums. Not to post, just to read.


    Now there is a question !
    As at today ( this moment in time ) we have 57 courses that have graduated from Beta, and 8 in Beta release.
    Plus we have the main forums for each source language, which is 22, plus their associated trouble shooting forums.
    So that is an extra 44, plus 2 others, making an extra 46.
    So 46 plus the original 65 makes 111 forums. WOW, that is quite some number !
    And to think some days I go and visit every one of them !

    However the answer to the questions I think you really are after is located if you go to this moderator locator post , where you will find the links to each forum.

    I will be back shortly to explain why, and in more detail.
    ( I hope - providing real life does not get in my way. If it does - I will be back a little later and explain. )


    The moderator locator post serves numerous functions for me.

    The prime one is to allow location of moderators, so we as a community are able to contact them for specific issues, if we find the need to do so.
    Please remember that these are people who have donated countless hours of their time for the benefit of others. I trust you will give them the respect they deserve for what they have already contributed to the world, and to this environment that you are now enjoying - at no cost to yourself to access this invaluable resource to the world.
    ,I hope that each of you reading this will choose to interact in a kind way with these moderators, as one of the great gifts that you can give in return for this asset that is at your disposal. To choose to give kindness to others in this environment is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

    Sorry - I have gone off point.


    Another function the moderator locator provides, is that it allows one to hop abound the various forums and check in on things.

    Not only does it allow you to hop around the different forums, it also provides links to information from the incubator, and resources such as facebook groups, and specific course information from resources such as duolingo wikia.

    As well up weekly news updates, such as the Weekly Incubator Report.

    And of course - how to report abuse.


    Hi Lindakanga! Please contact me/email so I can reply. still no access to activity and really need you. sorry to barge in here but don't know what else to do.


    I think it's important to mention that if you are not following the topic, it won't appear in the options even if you are studying it.


    My Greek lesson is greyed out, can’t open it


    Je voudrais perfectionner mon finnois et en échange j'aide en français. avis aux amateurs


    In my post you make look like a fool! :( not cool


    This is very usefull! I am glad to now this lot of usefull things! I am giving you a lingot!




    will i click the green botten in it only give these


    Too complicated to complete


    Thank you soooo much!!!

    [deactivated user]

      This a fabulous! But how do you add the pictures?


      Troubleshooting Having trouble signing in to my Doulingo account


      How do I even find my original post???


      Hi Shannon.
      I noticed, if you go to https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647
      You will see a post by you : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28312870

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