"La couleur que vous aimez ?"

Translation:The color that you like?

January 31, 2013

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the translation is perhaps not correct. Surely in English one would say: what colour do you like? Or "what is that colour that you like?" - I can only think of a very contrived scenario where "that colour that you like?" would be used, it makes little sense.


The translation is fine. The french question doesn't ask "what colour..." either. The contrived scenario is what they are going for it seems.


Yes but in English it is not a question. Even using intonation doesn't make it so. Surely learning a language is about understanding meaning and not robotic translation. I accept some of the weird and wonderful sentences that appear here are necessary to practice and absorb the quirks in the language but you can't make something a question in English just because it works in French. This is asking; Which or what colour do you like? Therefore it would make sense to accept those as an answer or don't have it as a question.

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