"The soldier's sisters visit him."

Translation:האחיות של החייל מבקרות אותו.

July 11, 2016

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Doesn't אותה mean "her"?


Yes, the translation is wrong it should be Oto, I hope someone will report it.


Yep should be חייל and אותו


In this sentence, האחיותו של החייל was marked wrong, and it required האחיות של החייל. In a previous sentence, האחות של אמי was marked wrong, and it required האחותה של אמי. Why is the suffix wrong for the first one, but required for the second one?


I think that Duo is wrong in this one, you can either say האחיותו של and האחיות של. Though to be honest, I barely hear anyone saying האחיותו של.


I used the construct of "אחותי החייל" and was marked as wrong. Construct state must also be accepted.


First of all, correct form would be אחיות החייל. However, construct state would not be used in such a sentence. It doesn't sound natural. In Modern Hebrew, construct state is not usually actively made with new nouns - only set phrases.

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