"This is a good book."

Translation:זה ספר טוב.

July 11, 2016

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Okay, this might be an obvious question! But how do you know to write the "book" before "good"? Is that a rule that applies every time you're talking about something being good/bad etc.? Also, could this hebrew sentence also be read as "this book is good"?


I believe that, in Hebrew, the noun almost always comes before the adjective that describes it.


How would you say "This is a good book"


זה ספר טוב "zay sah-fehr tov"


This is exactly what I wrote, but I'm told "Almost correct!" I see no difference between what I wrote and what they say I should have written.


If you want to say "This book is good", would it be different? Or do you need to use the definite article for both "book" and "good" (as in הלילה הזה for "this night")? I think I just answered my own question!


It seems 50/50. I'm right half the time.


Why isn't the following a valid answer?

הספר טוב


Because "הספר טוב" means "the book is good", and the book is the subject of the sentence. The sentence "זה ספר טוב" means "this is a good book", so "this" is the subject. (My grammar explanations are for the English translations--I don't know enough about Hebrew grammar to say whether the same terms are used.)


Never mind. I see my error. Sorry!


זה ספר טוב.


The app should give both phrases when learning that is why so many are going wrong. Aslo although the grammar is wrong they both mean the same thing. what I'm trying to tell people is this book is good or this is a good book. It is good no matter how I try to say it.

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    how do you say" this auther i love " in hebrew?


    How do you get a hebrew keyboard


    By downloading it in the language settings of your device.

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      book= author


      No. ספר (séfer) is book and סופר (sofér) is author

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