"He does not like you."

Translation:On ciebie nie lubi.

July 11, 2016

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What is the difference between "cie” and "ciebie”?


They mean the same. "Cię" is the not-accented form, it definitely shouldn't be at the beginning of a sentence, and theoretically not at the end (but it definitely is in short sentences like "Kocham cię", "Nie lubię cię" etc.). "Ciebie" as the accented form, takes our attention, often shows some contrast. "Ona kocha ciebie" = "She loves you (and not Tom)".

In this sentence both should work. "On cię nie lubi" sounds neutrally, just a statement. "On ciebie nie lubi", at least to me, shows a contrast, a 'correction' of my views - I thougt he likes me, but it turns out, he doesn't.


But 'on cie nie lubi' is not accepted here, so how would you know that it is expecting the contrast given by using 'ciebie'?


According to Lloyd lower down this discussion, it should have been accepted for you. Although, note, it's "cię" rather than "cie" so perhaps it was objecting for that reason.


Why is "On nie ciebie lubi" wrong?


In Polish, you should negate the whole idea of 'liking you', not just 'you'.

What you wrote sounds like "It is not you who he likes".


Whats the difference between "on ciebie nie lubi" and "on was nie lubi"?


Hm. „Ciebie” - you (singular), was (you plural), Pani/Pana/Państwa - you (showing respect). This is rather unidirectional translation, because of grammatical cases. If you want to translate from english, then you must determine which case to use: you (singular) -> ty, ciebie, tobie ...


why not: On nie lubi ciebie.


Because polish doesnt like prepositions at the end of a sentence


You are half-right. "Ciebie" is a pronoun, not a preposition, and Polish doesn't like short pronouns at the ends of sentences; however, Polish allows the long forms of pronouns at the ends of a sentences.

And, finally, "On nie lubi ciebie" is an accepted answer.


when do I use "was"? I thaught it was 2. form plural.


Yes, it is. So "On was nie lubi" = He doesn't like you (referring to more than 1 person).


Somehow it accepted the answer "On nie lubi nas", totally wrong.. Dzęki!


I wrote On cię nie lubi and its correct. I was wondering is On nie lubi ciebie is correct too?


Yes; both answers are accepted.


Why is On nie was lubi incorrect?


For the same reason that "On nie ciebie lubi" is not accepted (see above). To put it another way, the "nie" needs to go before the thing being negated, so before the verb.


I got this exercise on my computer as soon as I was checking if my crush had replied to my text. Well, thanks, Duo xc

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